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voltage optimisation offer

Apex domestic voltage optimiser (40 amp - for domestic or light commercial use) - Professionally fitted, tested and commissioned for the great price of £385.00 including VAT!

These top quality UK designed and manufactured voltage optimisation units offer a great money saving opportunity, whilst reducing Co2 emissions. Combine this with superb value for money and a short payback time and these are a must have accessory.

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What is Voltage Optimisation?

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Voltage optimisation  is the method of reducing the voltages received by consumers of energy in a controlled manner.

The yearly, growing cost and high demand of electricity is set to go on for the foreseeable future. Optimisers have been created in order to reduce the cost and consumption of energy whilst enhancing reliability and longevity of electrical appliances in the home.

To summarise, voltage optimisation is, in effect a supply of power within a transformer. From this, the voltage output is controlled in a regulated manner in spite of the irregular supply of voltage.. Ordinarily, the mains electrical supply is where the voltage optimisation systems are placed. This enables all electrical items to gain from having a supply at an optimum level.

How do they work?

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The National Grid supplies energy to the UK of around 242 volts. In contrast , the day to day electrical appliances/equipment that we use in Europe is intended to run at at a design voltage of 220v.

The result of the extra voltage becomes costly in terms of electrical equipment. The excess energy also increases CO2 emissions and inevitably electricity costs. Stabilising the level of voltage closer to 220v,means that the energy used is far more efficient and the work life of machinery and appliances is prolonged, whilst costs are lower. Voltage optimisation can be used in the installation of both Domestic and Commercial installations.

Summary of benefits

・ Competitive pricing offering value for money and a quick payback time.

・ Fast efficient and friendly installation service.

・ Start saving from day one.

・ Reduce maintenance costs.

・ Reliable, tried and tested technology.

・ Continuous monitoring of voltage and current in order to ensure peak efficiency.

・ Maximises savings by allowing appliances to work as designed.

・ Extends product and appliance life, by reducing transient voltages and allows items to run at their design voltage.

・ Simple installation – installed between the meter and the consumer unit.

・ No reconfiguration of the consumer unit / fuse board necessary.

・ Heat pump and Solar PV efficiency improved.

・ Electrical vehicle charging compatibility.

・ Number of models & specifications available to suit all homes and small business applications.

・ British manufactured products available.

・ Fit and forget maintenance free technology.

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