Solar PV - The Benefits

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The Feed in tariff (FIT) pays you 14.90p for every unit of electricity you produce (1st July 2013 and before 1st January 2014) Payments for Solar PV systems will continue for 20 years. The return on investment is expected to be in the region of 8% to 12% which will easily pay for the initial capital cost of the system over it's lifetime.

Get paid by your energy supplier for electricity that you don't use. Sell your Solar generated electricity back to the National Grid: if your system is producing more electricity than you need then someone else can use it.

Solar PV is a proven and reliable technology. Most solar panel manufacturers give between 20-25 year panel output warranty on their products. Panels, because they have no moving parts are virtually maintenance free.

Increase the value of your home. The Energy Saving Trust carried out a survey of homeowners during 2009 and 35% said they would be willing to pay more for a house where some of their energy supply came from renewable resources. Additionally, research in the States indicates that money spent on solar panel installation is recoverable and may actually increase the value of the home beyond the amount spent.

Excellent return on investment. Currently you can get a better rate of return by investing your savings into a Solar PV system rather than putting it in a bank account or an ISA. The return rate on your solar PV installation will potentially increase yearly if the price of electricity rises.

Solar PV panels are easily fitted to most buildings, either retro fitted or new build

Reduce your carbon footprint. A typical 2 kWp system will save almost 1000 kg of CO2 per year based on official Government estimates.

Reduce the impact of global warming. Global warming is caused by the emission of greenhouse gases. 72% of the totally emitted greenhouse gases is carbon dioxide (CO2), 18% Methane and 9% Nitrous oxide (NOx). Carbon dioxide emissions therefore are the most important cause of global warming. CO2 is inevitably created by burning fuels like e.g. oil, natural gas, diesel, organic-diesel, petrol, organic-petrol, ethanol. The emissions of CO2 have been dramatically increased within the last 50 years and are still increasing by almost 3% each year.

Practice what you preach and leave a better planet for our children.

Summary of solar PV tariffs

All figures here are per kWh of electricity generated for new installations. 

Solar photovoltaic panels valid for installations on or after 1 April 2015 but before 1 July 2015:

4kW or less: 13.39p per kWh
>4-10kW: 12.13p / kWh 
>10-50kW: 11.71p / kWh 
>50-100kW: 9.98p / kWh 
>100-150kW: 9.98p / kWh 
>150-250kW: 9.54p/ kWh
>250kW and greater: 6.16p / kWh 
Stand alone: 6.16p / kWh

Tariff paid for 20 years. Export rate: 4.85p
NB: buildings without an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of level D or above will get the stand alone tariff.

Click here to download the full table of solar PV feed-in tariff rates for the year 2014/15. This includes the inflationary rise, whenever you installed.




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