Solar PV Explained

solar array

Solar electricity is created by using Photovoltaic (PV) technology. The word “photo” refers to light and “voltaic” refers to electricity. These are the type of cells used in satellites and solar calculators. The photovoltaic process converts free solar energy - the most abundant energy source on the planet - directly into solar power. In 20 minutes enough energy is cast on our planet to meet the worlds energy requirements for a whole year. Solar radiation at full capacity comes down at an average of almost 1,000 watts per square meter.

PV system power output is rated in ‘kWp’. This is kilowatt-peak output under Standard Test Condition values of sunlight (irradiance), temperature and air-mass. It allows us to define the size and compare the performance.

When sunlight reaches the PV cell surface a portion of this light energy is absorbed by semiconducting materials arranged in layers. This energy loosens the electrons in the semiconductors. The PV cells also create an electrical field that allows these electrons to move in a particular direction. The electrons’ flow produces a current. This current is drawn out by metal contacts placed on the top and bottom of the PV cells.




sma inverter

    Every solar power system requires an inverter. The energy is produced as DC voltage within the solar panel and must be transformed into alternating current (AC) in order to power items within the home.

    An inverter converts the DC output of the PV panels into a sinusoidal AC current. The DC current is run through a duo of power-switching transistors that are turned on and off repeatedly, thus simulating a sine wave or an alternating current (AC). The transformer being fed the current believes it is receiving actual AC.

    Whether the inverter produces a modified sine wave (stepped square wave) or a true sine wave is contingent upon its complexity. More expensive, high-quality inverters generate true sine waves. The core of the inverter revolves around a real-time microcontroller.

    The specific algorithms needed to transform the direct current from the PV panel into AC are performed by the controller. Leveraging a continuous tracking and adjusting system, the controller ensures that the maximum amount of energy comes out of the solar module.

    For solar systems with battery backup, the controller manages charging the battery as well as switching over to battery energy when there's no sunlight.

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