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Fresh air is essential in every home in order to breathe. It is also necessary for the correct function of combustion appliances. Equally, air that is damp and stale must be disposed of.

The use of extractor fans as well as open doors and windows will help, however with this comes a loss of heat.

Ventilation is paramount in order to create a healthy home environment . MVHR will allow you to do this whilst saving energy.

What is a Heat Recovery and Ventilation System ?

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MVHR is a system designed to extract moist and warm air from Bathrooms and kitchens. It passes through a heat exchanger and then exits the building. Fresh air is then warmed from the heat retained within the unit before being ducted to Bedrooms/Living rooms etc.

There are also systems available that allow air to bypass the heat exchanged to keep the house cool when it is warm outside. Houses that are energy efficient use the system to meet some of the heating requirements of the property, whilst distributing the heat as needed.

When a building is being produced to Passivhaus standard, MHVR will help to meet the requirements.

A large quantity of systems have air filters included within the design. This means that they will prevent possible allergens entering the house.

Intelligent Power Solutions installation and commissioning services

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Building regulations state that ‘ventilation provisions in new houses must be commissioned by a suitably qualified person using calibrated test equipment’.

We hold  BPEC qualifications in domestic ventilation systems. IPS are qualified in all aspects of domestic ventilation including, including intermittent & continuous mechanical supply & extract with heat recovery (MVHR). This means we can assist you from the planning stage of your project, right through to completion and the commissioning, balancing and testing of your chosen system.

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