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Why buy a Husky central vacuum system from us?

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We supply and install top quality central vacuum systems at affordable prices from an internationally renowned Canadian manufacturer. Who has for 45 years been offering quality, performance and durability.

Buy with confidence & save money with our price promise guarantee, and be assured that you won't find the same system, fully installed, at a lower price anywhere else.

And we're so confident you wont find a better price we'll happily beat it on the spot. *

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What are the benefits & advantages of a central vacuum system from IPS?

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Quite in use, easy to manoeuvre and with the ability to completely remove allergens and noxious odours.

Our integrated central vacuum systems carry dust and dirt out of your home, in a fast and efficient manner for cleaner rooms, cleaner air and healthier living.

And we haven't mentioned, reliability, deeper cleaning results and not having to regularly empty the cleaner.

Please check our summary of benefits section for a list of even more advantages of fitting a central system over a conventional vacuum cleaner or contact us.

Did you know?

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Central vacuum systems can even be retrofitted to existing homes.

As with installation in a new build property. We work on the details to ensure a straightforward logical installation, taking into consideration obstacles. We work hard to achieve relatively straight and unobstructed runs from the inlets to the canister, avoiding routing through structural timbers and matching the length of your piping system and inlets against the capability of the power canister you choose.

Optimising your chosen system is our aim, from conception through to completion.

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Central integrated vacuum cleaners - summary of benefits.

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• Reduced noise as the motor and fan is fitted away from the living areas.

• Deeper cleaning with more thorough results.

• No need to lug your standard vacuum cleaner around or upstairs.

• Dust, debris, pet hair, pollen, mites & bugs are expelled outside & not recirculated.

• No need to empty the canister after every vacuuming session.

• Lighter in weight compared to a standard vacuum.

• Large variety of hoses/attachments available.

• Ease of use- need to worry about vacuuming up the power cord.

• Models available with HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Arrestor) filters.**

• Perceived added property value.

• Reliability - can last up to at least 5 times longer than a standard cleaner.

• Low consumables cost.

• Reduced furniture and wall damage and wear.

**To qualify as HEPA by US government standards, an air filter must remove (from the air that passes through) 99.97% of particles that have a size of 0.3 µm or larger. – These high performance filters will reduce the number of contaminants in indoor air.

*1 We will match any competitors price on a like for like basis on receipt of their detailed quotation and within 14 days of your confirmed booking.


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