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Whether you’re building your dream home or wanting to redesign your current home, lighting and power will connect via your Smartphone , PC and Tablet, inviting more efficient use and making it possible to know if a window has been left open, cut the power to a socket if the hair straighteners might have been left on, or turn all the lights off in the house at the same time as setting the security system, remotely, with one touch of a button.

This advanced functionality can send you messages via email or text to inform you of events in real time, such as the children arriving back from school, or perhaps your drinks cabinet being opened!


Create your dream home.......

filling the bath

Combine all of the above with a system that will identify you, reset your security system, close or open your shutters at the required time, or dependant on the external light levels.

Automatically turn your TV on to your favourite channel , or start playing music from your favourite play list, piping it to every room in the house or perhaps just to your bathroom. Your bath meanwhile is filled automatically, to a predetermined level, as the lights are dimmed to the levels on your selected lighting 'scene', as your tranquil playlist plays.

From the comfort of your office, car or even the beach, you can communicate with the parcel delivery driver via your home door entry camera, press a button on your phone to open the garage door for him to leave the parcel securely until your return.

with superb control & functionality.....

heating control

Of course, all this wouldn't be complete without 'state of the art' heating and / or cooling controls, offering sensors in each room and weather optimisation, that uses Internet sourced weather and historic data to dynamically optimise heating start and end times.

Here, we have just touched on a few possibilities, capabilities and combinations of systems that are almost as limitless as our (and our clients) imaginations.

Intelligent Power Solutions can work with you or your interior designer to keep all of your technology discrete, and out of sight, helping to achieve a fluid design.

just leave it to us........

electrical drawings

Unlike many home automation companies, we can design, programme and install your system in - house. And as a Part P registered company, we can also install and design all the mains wiring, voltage optimisation , solar PV, central vacuum cleaner & heat recovery ventilation systems.

In fact, if its electrical, we are a one stop shop.

So if you are planning a project, please drop us an email or give us a call and we'll be happy to let you have a free, no obligation quote to suit your needs.




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Intelligent Power Solutions, supply, design & install systems for Solar PV, Voltage Optimisation , Home Automation and Domestic Ventilation. Additionally we are pleased to be able to offer Electrical Safety Testing Services and LED lighting soliutions for homes & businesses in Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Monmouthshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, West Midlands, Somerset, Buckinghamshire and Warwickshire.

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