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We are pleased to be able to offer our bespoke design and installation service to 2nd home owners and prospective builders.

These smart automation systems incorporate advanced functionality, combined with proven reliability, and with our practical approach, we are confident that we can implement a system that will not just meet your expectations, but will exceed them.

We have drawn on our own experience to detail a few ‘must haves’ that we feel fit with 2nd home owners practical needs. However this list is not exhaustive and the great thing about these type of projects, is that we can tailor them to your specific requirements and needs.

If you rent or plan to rent your property in the future, then we've included a page with some ideas that can be incorporated that you may find useful……more

Plan ahead for maximum stress free enjoyment

ip network camera

As second home owners ourselves, we know first-hand the challenges this can sometimes pose.

We mostly purchase, or build, to enjoy a contrast in our daily lives. This normally means that the chosen location is not in our back yard, which introduces its own set of problems.

We’ve spent many a long hour wondering what was going on. On finding out, our personal experiences haven’t been great. Although low level and mostly annoying and inconvenient, these experiences have dampened the hassle free enjoyment we were anticipating.

Here are a couple of examples, which we could have avoided, by implementing a smart solution early on.

In the words of the three bears ‘Who’s been sleeping in my bed?’

io button door access

On arriving, the bed sheets that we had dressed the bed with, before our last departure, were well used and soiled. After making further enquiries it would seem that second homes were appreciated by the local men and their latest love interest. The keys were usually ‘borrowed’ from a local ‘agent’, and then passed around.

Neighbours have also had similar experiences during the winter months, which they have put down to construction workers moving in, without their knowledge, during the winter building season! ................more

The key is the key

Intelligent access control, combined with automatic monitoring, and safe but effective deterrents, can give you complete peace of mind. We can offer you a fully designed and installed system, customisable and unique, to suit your current (and future) needs…………..more

Oh, and if you’re not on the list you’re not coming in!

rfid logo

Because, each i button, or card has a unique identifier, by only programming access to cards or i buttons that are with trusted people, you can regulate who can enter your property.

Any cards lost or mislaid can have their rights removed, much easier than changing all the locks! If you require people to enter your property for legitimate reasons, whilst away, such as for cleaning or repairs..........more

Uninvited visitors can quickly be made to feel very unwelcome

security smoke

An uninvited visitor, perhaps the amorous local, has managed to gain entry. Fortunately, the occupancy detector has picked up on this, and as he hasn’t approved entry credentials, then the alarm setup hasn’t automatically cancelled.

It’s up to you what happens next. But your wishes will be carried out in the order that you prefer.

Your audio system could come on at full volume playing deafening heavy metal music (probably not the first choice of this Casanova!)........more

A very useful addition

ip intercom

A very useful item of hardware is the IP (internet protocol) intercom system.

These robust systems allow you to answer the door to a caller who's arrived at your 2nd home, regardless of where you are in the world.

With this functionality you can carry on a two way conversation at the same time as viewing a video image of the caller on your web enabled device.................more


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